Puppy Toy Gym

 Here  Here at Holmes Ranch, for our American Bullies, we have designed a Puppy Toy Gym, and it has been such a Wonderful Asset to have with the puppies, that we have decided to offer other Owners and Breeders of ANY Breed the Opportunity to add a Puppy Toy Gym to their household/kennel.

Breeders, Puppy/Dog Owners, Rescue Organizations and others all Understand and know the Importance of Raising Stable, Well Adjusted and Confident Puppies. Exposing the puppies to many different sounds, textures and movements during their early weeks will give them a Great Head Start in Life.

The Puppy Toy Gym is Wonderful for Early Neurological Development and Stimulation and offers Early Socialization, Sensory Stimulation, Interactive Play and Exploration of Young Puppies. The Variety of toys and items rattle, squeak and move around.

It helps to Desensitize puppies to Movements, Noises and Textures. Puppies Learn to become Bold and Fearless by Introducing them to all of the toys and items on the Puppy Toy Gym and these are lessons learned that will help them throughout their lifetime.

Keep your puppies Entertained for Hours, but most importantly they will also be learning at the same time!!

As shown the Puppy Toy Gym has 17 plus different toys and objects on it. It measures at the widest points is approx. 25 1/2" x  35" x 27 1/2" tall.

We can also make a smaller version or a size specific one can also be Special made for the little breeds or any special needs and/or requests. (Price to be determined on request)

It can be easily dis-assembled and re-assembled in less than a minute, which makes it Wonderful for transportation of it and storage of it when not in use.

Made locally here in Southern Oregon (Rogue River), add a Puppy Toy Gym to your house and watch the puppies have fun, this is Wonderful for both young and old ones.

As shown the Puppy Toy Gyms Price is $65.00 Cash when picked up in Rogue River, Oregon.

For Long Distance Customers we can accept payment thru PayPal, Money Order or another approved payment source and we can also arrange shipping the Puppy Toy Gym at an additional fee.

Please Call for More Information
(541) 582-6531


**The Availability and Selection of Toys and items may vary from what it pictured, but we will be Happy to try and Accommodate any Special Requests, etc. on a case by case base**


**If you have added one of our Puppy Toy Gyms to your household/kennel, Please feel free to send us photos and/or videos of your puppies enjoying it and we will be happy to post them here on the website for the world to see**





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