Horse Treadmill

This is a Awesome Horse Treadmill, it has Variable Speed and also a Timer Adjust. It also has a side area for you to stand on while working the horse. Has a Chest Chain and also a Butt Chain to keep horse confined. In Great Condition.

It is Economically Operated by 220 volt Electric.
Buyer is Welcome to come out and see it run and operate.

This is Extremely Heavy and Very Well Built, Buyer will be Responsible for Loading and Transporting it, you will be able to get right up close to where it is for loading.

This is Great for Muscle Building, Maintenance, Exercise of horses and it has also been used for a horse while they were having a spell of colic, it keeps the horse walking and moving, versus having to have a human physically handle and try walking the horse around.

$750 Cash

Please Call
(541) 582-6531


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