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$100 Takes ALL
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Huge Lot of Electric Fence Insulators and Misc. 
I have separated everything out, and bagged and marked the bags. There is a Huge assortment of Insulators.
Also includes Voltage Tester and 2 Wire Tighteners.
There is also a total of 16 T-Post Caps.
There is BOTH the style that go on T-Posts and the ones that go on Wood Posts. 
I totaled everything up and there is approx. 453 insulators in total. 
I double checked everything, but I am human so I may of made a miscount, but you are totally welcome to double check everything. 
90% are brand new never used, the others that had been used are still in Great Condition and totally useable. 
There is a mix of brands including Gallagher, Red Snapper and others.
There is a few for poly tape, but the majority are for Wire, Aluminum, Steel, Poly Rope, Poly Wire. 
I personally used them on 12 gauge wire and 12 gauge insulated wire. 
There is a mix of both the standard size and the offset style of various lengths. 
There is a total of the following:
8 - Backside T Post Wire insulators
120 - T-Post Wire Insulators
266 - Wood Post Wire Insulators
38 - T-Post Poly Tape Insulators
5 - Wood Post Poly Tape Insulators
16 - T- Post Caps
2 - Wire Tightners
1 - Voltage Tester


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