American Bullies

We are Proud to Own and Raise True Standard American Bullies. Our Dogs are True Companions and Extremely Devoted Dogs, that are included in all of the Daily Activities including being out with the Horses.

All of our Bullies are Double Registered thru Both the UKC (Purple Ribbon Bred) and ABKC.   
Quality Foundation Pedigrees with Temperament and Disposition as our #1 Priority.
Our Bullies are True Family Members and Wonderful Family Companions.

Our Puppies and Dogs are NOT kept locked up in Kennels, they are House Dogs, that are with the Family and enjoy going outside and doing daily activities with us and being with the horses, and when the evening comes they settle in and are inside the home to sleep at night.

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Our Founding Stud Dog is
"Holmes Classic Dallas"
a.k.a. "Dallas"

UKC & ABKC Registered
*Dallas is Recognized and an Earner of both the Canine Good Citizen Title Award and the Canine Good Citizen Urban Title Award*

Dallas is a Quality Example of a True Quality Standard American Bully.



"Holmes Classic Boo Boo"
a.k.a. "Boo Boo"

Boo Boo is a Son of our Founding Stud Dog.
*He is also Recognized and an Earner of the Canine Good Citizen Title Award and the Canine Good Citizen Urban Award*





 We are Tentative PLANNING a few litters for 2020.
We will post upcoming litter updates as time gets closer. 


 **Click Here to See our Previous Puppies that we have Raised that are Sired by "Holmes Classic Dallas"

**Click Here to See our Previous Puppies that we have Raised that are Sired by
"Holmes Classic Boo Boo"

**Click Here for More Adorable Photos of Puppies we have Bred**


*Some Information Regarding our Puppies**

On Most Puppies the Price starts at $1250 and up but we may have Select pup(s) that will be Sold under a Spay/Neuter Contract only and those Pups will be Price Reduced.
Proof of Spay or Neuter will be Required to receive discount - No Exceptions. 
(Payment Plans for a Puppy Purchase are Available - But the Puppy MUST be Paid in Full before Leaving to its New Home Absolutely  NO EXCEPTIONS)


Ground Shipping and/or Ear Clipping is Available at an additional cost, which is to be paid by the Puppy Buyer.

Air Shipping at this time due to Regulations and the New Rules being put into place and enforced by the Domestic Airlines has put a damper on the availability of Air Shipping for puppies at this time.
If we hear of any changes or the availability for Air Transport we will update accordingly.
If you know of an option for Safe Air Shipping that we may not be aware of, we are more than happy to work with you to hopefully be able to accommodate transport.


All Puppies will be both UKC (Purple Ribbon Bred) and ABKC registered. Our Puppies are Raised in a Home environment, and they receive daily attention and interaction, they are socialized and taught all the basics that a puppy of their current age should know.

Puppies are weighed on a regular bases to keep track of their growth and development. We start a Regular de-worming schedule for the puppies starting at 2 weeks old, and we give all age appropriate vaccinations. We Feed a Quality Puppy Food, along with a Daily Puppy Vitamin.
Our Puppies are Healthy and Happy.

All Puppies have had their Dewclaws Removed, They will go to their New Homes with their UKC Application for Registration, their ABKC Application for Registration, Veterinarian record that they have been seen recently, a detailed record showing that they are current on their wormings with the type of wormer and date it was given and also a record of the date and type/label of the vaccination(s) they have received, a information sheet of their growth/weight since birth, a Bag of the Puppy Food that they are currently being fed. We also include some Puppy Treats, Toys, etc.
We want all Puppies to be able to make the adjustment into their New homes as Stress Free as Possible.

Puppies will NOT be allowed to go to their New home any earlier than 8 weeks of Age. But we do Welcome Buyers to Come out to our Home and Visit their Puppy at any time.

All Puppies were marked at Birth with a ribbon color for identification and record keeping purposes. As they have gotten bigger to the point where we can identify and tell each one apart we have given them names for easy reference.
Their New Owners are Absolutely Welcome to Change their Call Name or go ahead and keep their existing name as they wish. 

We do Require as part of their UKC & ABKC Registration that all Pups carry the prefix of "HOLMES" on their registered name.



**Regarding Puppy Deposits**

We feel to be fair to everyone, we do not take any deposits on our Puppies until AFTER they are Born.
What we do instead, is we have a "Interested Waiting List" and once the Puppies are born, and we have a tally of how many Females/Males etc. are available, we contact all of the Interested Individuals on our Waiting List, and let them know what we have and what is available.
At that time is when we open up the Opportunity for Interested Buyers to place purchase deposits on puppies, according to Pick of puppy.

We will also update our Website with Photos and Pick List with which puppies have been sold or which puppies are still available.

If you are Possibly Interested in a Puppy from a current litter or one of our Planned Upcoming Litters, Please let us know and we will be Happy to add you to our "Interested Waiting List".

Please Call
(541) 582-6531

**Unfortunately Due to the amount of Spam, Window Shoppers, and Looky-Loos, we are asking that anyone who is SERIOUSLY Interested in information to Please CALL first to establish communication (NO Texts).
This also allows us to get a better idea of exactly what your looking for, your expectations, etc. This will allow us to help suggest the best puppy or adult for your situation. 
Once we have spoken and established what it is your looking for and if we feel we may have something of interest to you, then we can communicate and forward photos, etc. thru text if needed - Thank You for your Understanding**


A Huge THANK YOU goes out to all the Wonderful Families that have Opened their Hearts and their Home to one of our Puppies.
We have had the Pleasure to Place our puppies in Amazing homes all Across this Great Country.


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